Monday, March 17, 2008

Sexual Predator On The Loose In NYC

Police Pursue Suspect Who Sexually Assaulted 2 Women

By: Scott Weinberger

Police released this sketch of an alleged sexual predator who attempted to sexually assault two women in the West Village.
NEW YORK (CBS) ― Police are hoping newly released surveillance images of a predator accused in two attempted sex assaults within 15 minutes of each other in the West Village will help bring the suspect to justice.

The attacks happened early Sunday during the 2 a.m. hour. Police say the first attack happened around 2:15 when a 30-year-old woman stepped out of a cab near the Our Lady of Pompeii School. The suspect allegedly came from behind and threw the woman to the ground, where he attempted to rip off her clothes. After a brief struggle, the victim fled, only to be tackled once again a block later where her screams forced the attacker to flee.

Just 15 minutes later, police say the same man found his next victim outside near 96 Barrow St. The 26-year-old woman claims the attacker jumped her just moments after she exited a cab as well. After fighting with the suspect on the ground, he eventually ran away.

Village residents say they're alarmed by the news.

"It absolutely makes me terrified," said Claire Sherry. "If I'm going to take my dogs out at night, I'm taking all of my jewelry off and carrying Mace."

Added resident Lauren Dietrich: "I know there tends to be some seedy characters around late into the evening, so I usually don't go out after midnight."

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 20s, about 5-foot-7, wearing a dark baseball cap and a dark pullover hooded sweatshirt.

Anyone with information was asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS AT 800-577-TIPS.

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