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Pedophile killer, kills 350 kids and is walking free in Peru

Pedro Alonso Lopez - The Monster of the Andes
From Charles Montaldo

One Of History's Most Horrific Killers: Pedro Alonzo Lopez, whereabouts - unknown, was responsible for the murders of over 350 children, yet in 1998 he was set free despite his vows to kill again.

Lopez's Childhood Years: Lopez was born in 1949 in Tolmia, Columbia, a time when the country was in political turmoil and crime was rampant. He was the seventh of 13 children born to a Columbian prostitute. When Lopez was eight, his mother caught him touching his sister's breast and she kicked him out of the house forever.

Trust Me, Trust Me Not: Lopez became a beggar on the violent Columbian streets. He was soon approached by a man who sympathized with the boy's situation and offered him a safe home and food to eat. Lopez, desperate and hungry, did not hesitate and went with the man. Instead of going to a comfortable home, he was taken to an abandoned building and repeatedly sodomized and returned to the street. During the attack Lopez angrily vowed he would do the same to as many little girls that he could, a promise he later kept.

A Second Chance: After being raped by the pedophile, Lopez became paranoid of strangers, hiding during the day and scavenging for food at night. Within a year he left Tolmia and wandered to the town of Bogota. An American couple reached out to him after feeling pity for the thin boy begging for food. They brought him to their home and enrolled him in a school for orphans but when he was 12, a male teacher molested him. Shortly afterwards Lopez stole money and fled back into the streets.

Prison Life: Lopez, lacking in education and skill, survived on the streets by begging and committing petty thievery. His stealing advanced to car theft and he was paid well when he sold the stolen cars to chop shops. He was arrested at the age of 18 for car theft and sent to prison. After a few days of being there he was gang-raped by four prisoners. The anger and rage he experienced as a child rose inside him again, consuming him. He made another vow to himself; to never be violated again.

Revenge, Rage and Hate: Lopez got his revenge for the rape by killing three of the four men responsible. Authorities added an additional two years to his sentence, deeming his actions as self defense. During his incarceration he had time to revisit his life and a quiet rage toward his mother became monstrous. He also dealt with his sexual needs by browsing pornographic magazines. Between his prostitute mother and the pornography, Lopez's only knowledge of women fed his demented hatred for them.

The Monster Released: In 1978 Lopez was released from prison, moved to Peru, and began kidnapping and killing young Peruvian girls. He was caught by a group of Indians and tortured, buried up to his neck in sand but later freed and deported to Ecuador. Experiencing near death did not influence his murderous ways and his killing of young girls continued. The increase of missing girls was noticed by authorities, but it was concluded that they had likely been kidnapped by child peddlers and sold as sex slaves.

Bodies of Children Uncovered: In April 1980, a flood exposed the bodies of four murdered children, and the Ecuadorian authorities realized there was a serial murderer at large. Shortly after the flood, Lopez was caught trying to abduct a young girl after the child’s mother intervened. The police could not get Lopez to cooperate so they enlisted the help of a local priest, dressed him as a prisoner, and placed him in a cell with Lopez. The trick worked. Lopez was quick to share his brutal crimes with his new cellmate.

A Ghrisly Tale Emerges: When confronted by the police about the crimes he shared with his cellmate, Lopez broke down and confessed. His memory of his crimes was very clear which was remarkable since he confessed to killing at least 110 children in Ecuador, over 100 more in Colombia, and another 100 in Peru. Lopez confessed that he would walk the streets looking for innocent ‘good’ girls who he would lure away with the promise of gifts.

"They Never Scream. They Expect Nothing...They Are Innocent" Pedro Lopez: Lopez often brought the girls to prepared graves, sometimes filled with the dead bodies of other girls he had killed. He would calm the child with soft reassuring words throughout the night. At sunrise he would rape and strangle them, satisfying his sick sexual needs as he watched their eyes fade as they died. He never killed at night because he could not see his victim's eyes and felt without that element the murder was a waste.

Tea Parties and Games: In Lopez’s confession he told of having tea parties and playing morbid games with the dead children. He would prop them up in their graves and talk to them, convincing himself that his ‘little friends’ liked the company. But when the dead children failed to answer, he would become bored and go off to find another victim.

A Confession Too Ghastly To Believe: The police found his ghastly confession hard to believe so Lopez agreed to take them to the graves of the children. Over 53 bodies were found which was enough for the investigators to take him for his word. The public renamed him 'Monster of the Andes' as more information about his crimes became known.
For his crimes of raping, killing, and mutilating over 100 children, Lopez received life in prison.

'I Will Be Happy to Kill Again - It Is My Mission' : Lopez never showed remorse for his crimes. In a prison interview with journalist Ron Laytner, he said if he ever got out of prison he would happily return to killing young children. The pleasure he received from his demented acts of murder overpowered any sense of right from wrong and he admittedly looked forward to the opportunity to wrap his hands around the throat of his next child.

One Child's Life Equals One Month In Prison: No one was concerned that Lopez would have the opportunity to kill again. If he was paroled from the prison in Ecuador he would still have to stand trial for his murders in Columbia and Peru. But after 20 years of solitary confinement, in the summer of 1998, Lopez was taken in the middle of the night to the Columbia border and released. Neither Columbia or Peru had the money to bring the madman to justice.

The Monster of the Andes Is Free: What ever happened to The Monster of the Andes is unknown. Many suspect and hope that one of the many bounties offered for his death eventually paid off and that he is dead. If Lopez has escaped his enemies and is still alive there is little doubt that he has returned to his old ways.

Montana cannible that eats children

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
From Charles Montaldo

Summary: Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is a convicted child predator that is in prison after repeatedly molesting, torturing, and attempting to murder children. He was also suspected of murdering a child then disposing of the body through cannibalistic ways that involved his unsuspecting neighbors.
Personal Information:
Born - February 15, 1957
Birthplace - Worcester, MA
Birth Name - David P. Brown
Occupation - Short Order Cook
Other - In 1991, Brown changed his name to Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah.
General Information:
Gender - Male
Religion - Unknown
Ethnicity - White

Childhood Years: At 17 years of age, David Brown (his name at that time) pled guilty after being arrested for dressing as a policeman and beating and choking an eight-year-old boy who he ordered into his car. After the beating the child recognized Brown who was working at a local McDonalds and authorities were called. Brown received a year of probation for the crime.

Kidnapping and Attempted Murder: Three years later, Brown dressed as a policeman again and kidnapped two boys, made them undress and then began strangling them. One of the boys was able to escape and contact the police. Authorities arrested Brown and the other child was located, handcuffed inside his trunk. Brown was charged with attempted murder and received an 18 to 20 year sentence.

Sick Thoughts: While incarcerated Brown shared some of his fantasies of murder, dissection and cannibalism with his psychiatrist who made the decision in 1979 to commit Brown to the Bridgewater State Hospital for Sexual Predators.

Early Release: Brown remained at the hospital until 1991 when Superior Court Judge Walter E. Steele decided that the state had failed to prove he was dangerous. Brown, who had changed his name to Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah left the institution with a promise from his family to the court that they would be moving to Montana.

Massachusetts Sends the Problem to Montana: Bar-Jonah attacked another boy three weeks after his release and was arrested on assault charges but was freed without bail. A deal was made however, that required that Bar-Jonah leave Massachusetts and join his family in Montana along with a two-year probation. Bar-Jonah kept his word and moved to Montana.
Once in Montana, Bar-Jonah met with his probation officer and disclosed some of his past criminal record. A request was made to the Massachusetts probation office to send more records regarding Bar-Jonah’s history and psychiatric past but no additional records were sent.

Bar-Jonah managed to stay away from police until 1999 when he was arrested near an elementary school in Great Falls, MT, dressed as a policeman and carrying a stun gun and pepper spray. Authorities searched his home and found thousands of pictures of boys and a list with boys names from Massachusetts and Great Falls. Also found were encrypted writings, decoded by the FBI, that included statements such as 'little boy stew,' 'little boy pot pies' and 'lunch is served on the patio with roasted child.'

Authorities concluded that Bar-Jonah was responsible for the 1996 disappearance of 10-year-old Zacharry Ramsay who vanished on his way to school. It was believed that he kidnapped and murdered the child than cut up his body for stews and hamburgers that he served to unsuspecting neighbors at a cookout.

In July 2000, Bar-Jonah was charged with Zachary Ramsay’s murder and for kidnapping and sexually assaulting three other boys who lived in an apartment above him.

The charges involving Ramsay were dropped after the boy's mother said she did not believe Bar-Jonah killed her son. For the other charges, Bar-Jonah was sentenced to 130 years in prison for sexually assaulting one boy and torturing another by suspending him from a kitchen ceiling.

In December, 2004, the Montana Supreme Court turned down Bar-Jonah’s appeals and upheld the conviction and 130-year prison sentence.

Cannibal sex offender BIT THE DUST!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Infamous Accused Cannibalistic Sex Offender Found Dead In Jail Cell

Nathaniel Bar Jonah, serving a 130 yr. sentence for kidnapping, sexually assaulting and choking a teenage boy, was found dead in his cell on Sunday.

Jonah was also accused of murdering Zach Ramsay, whom police think he butchered and fed to neighbors

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was found dead in his Montana jail cell early Sunday morning. He was found unresponsive in his cell and according to Montana State Prison spokeswoman, Linda Moodry, "Emergency medical response was initiated and he was transported to Powell County Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 7:06 am."

Cause of death is unknown pending autopsy, but officials say he had been in poor health.

Bar-Jonah's known criminal history began in 1974, in Massachusetts, when he plead guilty to impersonating a police officer and assaulting an eight-year-old boy.In 1977, Bar-Jonah was again arrested and charged with kidnapping, attempted murder after he posed as a police officer and kidnapped two boys in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. He tried to strangle the boys and attempted to assault them. One of those boys escaped and found help.

While imprisoned Brown shared his fantasies of murder, dissection and cannibalism with his psychiatrist who made the decision in 1979 to commit Brown to the Bridgewater State Hospital for Sexual Predators.

According to one report he then spent nearly twelve years at that treatment center.

One of those boys, Alan Enrikaitis, now a man, tells reporters about the day of the kidnapping:

“I remember he said he had a trailer in the woods and he was going to take me and my friend there separately,” Mr. Enrikaitis said. The boys were handcuffed and Mr. Enrikaitis’ friend was locked in the trunk of a car that looked like an unmarked police cruiser. They’d been told their abductor was a police officer and that they were under arrest.

“We kept walking down a path until there wasn’t much of a path left. Then, all the noises you hear in the woods just stopped and he grabbed me from behind and started choking me,” Mr. Enrikaitis said. He struggled, then played possum as Mr. Bar-Jonah kicked at him and flicked ashes from a cigarette on him. When he had the chance, the boy ran for help. In 1991, Superior Court Judge Walter E. Steele, ordered Bar-Jonah's release.

Approximately thee weeks after his release Bar-Jonah was arrested again, this time in Oxford, after assaulting a boy sitting in a car outside a post office. He was given a plea agreement and received a suspended jail sentence, on the condition he move to Montana with his mother.

Bar-Jonah was arrested again in 1999, in Montana, for impersonating a police officer and a subsequent search of his home found pictures of young children cut out of magazines and a bone that was identified as belonging to an unknown young male.

Montana police charged him with kidnapping and sexual assault.In the year 2000 the authorities leveled another charge against Bar Jonah. They accused him of murder in the 1996 disappearance of 10-year-old Zach Ramsay.

The police claimed they had evidence, via notes in code, in Bar-Jonah's handwriting which is believed to be to be a menu for cooking human flesh.

The murder charge was later dropped in regards to Zach Ramsay, because Ramsay's mother said she would testify she believed her son was still alive.

To this date, Zach Ramsay has never been found.

Bar-Jonah was convicted of kidnapping, aggravated assault, and sexual assault in in 2002. He was given a 130-year prison sentence.

Bar-Jonah appealed his conviction in 2004, but the Montana Supreme Court upheld the conviction and the 130 year sentence.

AZ coach played illegal sport

Former EAC basketball coach Tim Parmeter arrested
Charged with one count of sexual conduct with a minor

By Jon Johnson
Assistant Editor

Former Eastern Arizona College basketball coach Tim Parmeter was arrested and booked into the Graham County Jail on Friday on a single charge of sexual conduct with a minor.

The charge stems from an alleged two-year sexual relationship with an EAC student that began when she was 16. The victim claims she and Parmeter had numerous sexual relations at various places, including his home and his school office.

After the EAC Police interviewed Parmeter, Executive Vice President Brent McEuen fired him Jan. 17.

Since then, the Graham County Attorney's Office has been reviewing reports from the EACPD and the assisting agency, the Thatcher Police Department.

Recently, a taped conversation between Parmeter and the victim was returned to the attorney's office after having been sent to the Department of Public Safety's crime lab to be cleaned up.

On Thursday, the Graham County Attorney's Office issued a complaint charging Parmeter with sexual conduct with a minor. The attorney's office also issued an arrest warrant, and Parmeter was taken into custody Friday.

Parmeter will have his initial appearance before Justice of the Peace Dewey Bryce within 48 hours of his arrest. If Judge Bryce finds cause for the complaint, Parmeter will have an arraignment hearing followed by a preliminary hearing.

3 Strikes .... YOUR OUT!

Convicted sex offender wants permission to attend son's baseball games

April 11, 2008 08:54 PM EDT

VIDEO: Sex offender banned from son's baseball games

By Mark Schnyder
JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) -- A southern Indiana man convicted of sexual battery a dozen years ago is seeking special permission from a Jeffersonville judge. Friday afternoon, 34-year-old Eric Dowdell asked the judge to exempt him from a ban that keeps all convicted sex offenders out of the city's little league complex. WAVE 3's Mark Schnyder was there.

Dowdell says he's done his time and met all of his legal requirements. And now he just wants to watch his 10-year old son play baseball.

The judge isn't quite ready to decide if that's going to happen.

Dowdell swears he's no danger to kids. He's committed no sex crimes since he pleaded guilty to sexual battery against a 13-year-old in 1996.

"He's served his time, he's had no probation violations and he just wants to be a father to his kid," said ACLU Attorney Gavin Rose, who is representing Dowdell.

But when it comes to his son's Little League career, every game's a shutout for Dowdell -- because he's shut out.

Dowdell says he want to be his son's MVP by being a part of his life at his games, but Jeffersonville City Attorney Larry Wilder says he's made too many errors to be able to do that.

"This is a case where this individual has committed further crimes -- crimes of family violence, and I believe that the judge will take that into consideration before he allows him back into our parks facilities in the city of Jeffersonville."

Dowdell, who left the courtroom frustrated, admits he's facing domestic battery charges against a girlfriend. He's also got a case pending for not paying child support -- for the same child he wants to support on the ball field.

Rose says his client's other problems with the law shouldn't matter. "If the Jeffersonville City Council decided they wanted to make people convicted of domestic battery prohibited from entering their parks, they certainly could have but they didn't."

The judge said he'll make his ruling in the next couple of weeks, but did tell Dowdell he has concerns about the other charges against him.

Attorney Wilder, who wrote the ordinance keeping Dowdell out of ballparks, says if Dowdell had stayed out of trouble the past 12 years, he'd recommend he be allowed to go to the park. Instead, he's fighting hard against that.

Kentucky sexual predator legislation

Governor signs new child sex abuse law

April 14, 2008 04:22 PM EDT
By David McArthur

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- Kentucky kids have new protections against child predators. House Bill 211 was signed into law by Gov. Steve Beshear Monday.

Rev. Joseph Fowler, a Catholic priest for 47 years, applauded the change.
"Today I witness an extra ordinary event. The signing by my Governor of legislation to protect our children from sexual predators," Fowler said.

The new law makes sex abuse of a child up to 16 years old, a felony. It extends to 18 if the abuser is an authority figure, like a teacher or pastor.
"I'm glad it passed," said John Scott.

That's what Scott faced in the 1950's when he was abused by a priest at St. Edward in Louisville. He was one of the more than 240 plaintiffs from the Louisville Archdiocese $25-million settlement.

"I hope it never happens to another kid. If it does, don't hold it. Talk about it. You didn't do anything wrong. They did it to you. So talk about it," Scott said.

The new law will also give young victims more time to report the crime. Currently, any victim over the age of 12 has one year to report the abuse. This new law gives them 5 years to report it after they turn 18.
The legislation was sponsored by Louisville Representative Jim Wayne (D- House Dist. 35).

"What this does is put Kentucky on the records as saying we're not going to tolerate this," said Wayne. He said his father was abused by a priest in the 1930's.

The changes to the law take effect July 1st.