Thursday, January 24, 2008

Child rapist on the run

Hunt For Sex Offender Goes National

Police in Lewisville, Texas are searching for convicted sex offender Steven Andrew Hayes, the man they say sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl after giving her drugs. Cops were hoping to find Hayes in Texas, but now believe he may have moved to another state. But they don't know which one, and they're now asking AMW viewers for help.

Cops: Convicted Sex Offender Back At It Again

In 1997, Steven Andrew Hayes was sentenced to five years confinement at a correctional facility on a charge of sodomy against an 8-year-old relative. But now, cops in Lewisville, Texas, wish he would've stayed locked up longer.

Sometime between Jan. 13 and Jan. 15, 2005, cops say Hayes couldn't control his sick instincts and gave a 12-year-old girl a powerful drug, and cops say he sexually assaulted her. But the courageous little victim came forward at the end of the month and told cops what she remembered; in September 2005, a Grand Jury in Denton County, Texas indicted Hayes for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. But after Hayes found out about it, he fled.

Cops: Hayes May Be Looking For His Next Victim

Cops in Texas have exhausted every lead to find Hayes and fear that another kid may get hurt. That's why they want to make the public aware of a few things to be on the look out, in case they come close to Hayes.

Police say Hayes is a very religious person, who boasts about his religious upbringing and education and likes to speak of the Lord. He is also very friendly and likable, which cops believe helps him gain his victims' trust.

Cops are not sure where Hays may be hiding, but say he may have connections in Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania or Texas. They also believe Hayes may be seeking medical treatment, since he has an old back injury and complains of carpal tunnel in both wrists.

Hayes' last job was as an independent constructor. Cops say he would travel to disaster areas across the United States and approach property owners.
Once he established a relationship with potential clients, he would assess the damages to their properties, give them estimates and get their personal information -- information he would later release to other construction businesses. If these businesses were awarded the bid, Hayes would receive money from them.

So if Hayes runs out of money, he may seek jobs in the construction industry, especially roofing. And because of his friendly personality, he may also be working in sales.

Information valid as of last update.
Aggravated Sexual Assault Of A Child, Lewisville, TX; Jan 13, 2005

Sex Male
Race White
Age Now 49
Height 5'10"
Weight 185 lbs.
Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair) Brown He has a receding hairline.
Eyes (Color and Correction) Hazel
Other Physical Characteristics
Old back injury
Complains of carpal tunner in both wrists
Surgery scar on his abdomen.

Intelligent and very religious
Boasts of religious upbringing and education
Likes to preach
Claims God saved him from cigarettes and alcohol
Likable, well mannered and friendly
"People person" with "salesman-type" personality
May be working in construction (roofing)
Could be working as a salesman
Boasts of traveling in the US and living abroad
May be doing missionary work
Could be working in a soup kitchen
Could be posing as a minister

Last Seen
Lewisville, TX

Other Possible Locations
, TX

Last Known Locations
Lewisville, TX

Ohio rapist on the run

Cops: Ohio Rapist Vanishes Into Thin Air

Where Did Rapist Go?
Police say that convicted rapist John Burkey was supposed to report to his parole officer back in September, but instead, he disappeared. Now, police say Burkey is in violation of the Adam Walsh Act, and they want to put him back behind bars -- before it's too late.

John Michael Burkey is a rapist.

The woman he attacked in 1982 knows it. The police in Akron, Ohio know it. But what no one knows is: where is Burkey now?

Twenty-five years ago, Burkey was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Boston Heights. The then 24-year-old Burkey pled guilty, and received a sentence that could have put him away until he was well past retirement age.

But last December, Burkey's victim received a most unwanted gift -- the news that John Burkey was going to be released from prison. Although Burkey is required to notify a parole officer of his whereabouts, cops say he skipped town in September. In October, he failed to show up to register as a sex offender, in direct violation of the Adam Walsh act.

His one-time victim, and the residents of Akron, are holding their breath until Burkey is back behind bars.

Repeat Offender

The US Marshals say Burkey first fled his parole in March of 2002. They say Burkey -- who likes to call himself "Eagle" -- had only been out four months when they caught up to him in Elmsford, New York. Burkey held a woman at knife point. He was convicted of assault and menacing and sent back to prison. He got out again in December 2006.

His one-time victim, and the residents of Akron, are holding their breath until Burkey is back behind bars.

Information valid as of last update.
Failure To Register, Akron, OH; Oct 10, 2007
Parole Violation, Akron, OH; Sep 26, 2007

Aliases John Lynds, Eagle
Sex Male
Race White
Age Now 49
Height 5' 6"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair) Black Burkey's hair is graying.
Burkey typically has a full, graying mustache.
Eyes (Color and Correction) Brown

Scar on left leg
Tattoos on upper left arm and shoulder
Tattoo on right shoulder

Cops say he likely has mental health issues and may have gone off his medicine.
Burkey may be living as a homeless person.
He may be hitch-hiking with truckers.
Burkey likes to call himself "Eagle."
He likes to collect Native American-style art and artifacts.
Burkey is an Ohio native, but not a first-time parole violator. When he got out of prison in 2001, he fled to New York state.

Last Seen Akron, OH
Burkey was supposed to check in with his parole officer in Akron in September 2007.

Other Possible Locations
Akron, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Elmsford, NY
Flagstaff, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Burkey has family in Tennessee. His mother lived in Tucson before she died, but Burkey has also told people he would like to go to Flagstaff. In the past, Burkey has lived in Cincinnati and southern Ohio. In 2002, Burkey fled his parole and went to Elmsford, New York.

Last Known Locations
Akron, OH
Burkey was last registered as residing at East Tallmadge Avenue in Akron, Ohio.

Perv on the run

Dangerous Babysitter

Cops say Hyatt's home was full of child pornography.

Cops in Bradenton, Fla. say Roy Stephen Hyatt is not someone you want looking after your kids. Unfortunately, that's exactly what some parents allowed him to do in 1996: police say Hyatt was a well liked member of his church, where he met the parents of his victims. The parents trusted Hyatt enough to let him take their kids to the beach.

Police say Hyatt boldly molested three girls in broad daylight out on the beach. The girls were 12, 11, and 9 years old. Hyatt pled guilty to child molestation, but despite his new notoriety he stayed in the Bradenton Beach area, where police would make a disturbing discovery seven years later.

They say he appears non-threatening, has a thin build, and wears prescription glasses.

An Electronic Trail

In December 2003, the FBI's Innocent Images Task Force was running Operation Peer Pressure, a nationally coordinated effort to combat child pornography. Agents used file sharing programs to track the online distribution of child pornography. The strategy was to use the electronic trails to find people sharing and downloading the illegal porn.

One of the locations they hunted down was Roy Stephen Hyatt's home in Bradenton, Fla. According to them, the registered sex offender had a computer, multiple disks, videotapes, and numerous reels of 8mm film in his possession, all of which contained child pornography. Given Hyatt's past, the discovery was especially disturbing.

Agents say Hyatt refused to give a statement at the time. The FBI seized Hyatt's computer and all the evidence at his home. While they built their case, Hyatt pretended to cooperate. But cops say Hyatt had no intention of turning himself in. In May, 2004, they issued the warrant for his arrest, but Hyatt went on the run. He had lied to his lawyer and to the police and gotten rid of everything he owned. He hasn't been seen since.

Agents say Hyatt has worked as a laborer in the past. They say he appears non-threatening, has a thin build, and wears prescription glasses. He's going bald and is known to smoke cigarettes. They say when he disappeared he was driving a blue 1964 Dodge car, which he may or may not still have. Police say he has ties to New York.

Wanted For:

Possession Of Child Pornography, Bradenton, FL

Roy Stephen Hyatt

Sex Male
Race White
Age Now 60
Height 5'6"
Weight 135 lbs.
Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair) Brown
Police say Hyatt is balding. They also say he has some gray in his hair.
Eyes (Color and Correction) Blue Glasses

Hyatt has scars on his left cheek and upper lip.
Hyatt has a tattoo on his left hand and a tattoo on a finger on his left hand.

Cops say Hyatt was a trusted member of a church where he allegedly befriended the parents of his victims.
Last Seen
Bradenton, FL
Other Possible Locations
New York
Last Known Locations
Bradenton, FL

Police say Hyatt was driving a blue 1964 Dodge car at the time of his disappearance.

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