Wednesday, April 23, 2008

While surfing the local sex offender support forum

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I came across an article that has even the sex offenders themselves going ANTI.

'Maybe I'm a monster'
Perv videotaped sex-abuse of seven-year-old

A Winnipeg man is agreeing to be designated a long-term offender after admitting he raped a seven-year-old girl almost daily for a year and forced her to watch videotapes of the abuse.

"There's no excuse for any of it ... I clearly need help," the man told court at a sentencing hearing earlier this month.

The man -- who cannot be named to protect the identities of his victims -- has pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault involving two young girls and possession of child pornography.

Judge Janice LeMaistre adjourned sentencing until later this spring so his long-term offender designation can be formally approved by Manitoba Justice.

As a long-term offender, the man would be subject to intensive supervision for up to 10 years following his release from prison.

"Clearly, there needs to be a great deal of very tight and extensive supervision once he comes back into the community," said Crown attorney Mick Makar.

Court heard the man abused the victims, aged six and seven, when he became romantically involved with their mothers. In 1998, the man was babysitting the six-year-old girl when he forced her to perform oral sex on him. The girl did not disclose the assault until 2004, the same year he was arrested for repeatedly assaulting the older girl.

The man was living in the same apartment building as the seven-year-old and her mother when he became romantically involved with the woman in 2002, Makar told court. When babysitting the girl, the man would tie her to his bed and videotape himself sexually assaulting her. On other occasions, he made the girl watch the videotapes while continuing to assault her, Makar said.


The almost daily assaults ended in January 2004 when the girl reported the abuse to her mother and the man was arrested. He has been in custody since then.

Police seized the man's computer and found more than 270 images of child pornography involving children as young as seven and pornographic stories involving fathers and daughters.

The Crown is seeking a prison sentence of 10 years for the second victim and a consecutive sentence for the first victim. Defence lawyer Chris Sigurdson is recommending a total sentence of 10 years, minus double credit of eight years for time already served.

"He would be the first one to acknowledge he poses a serious risk," Sigurdson said. "He truly wants to get help."

According to a psychiatrist's report prepared for court, the man believed his seven-year-old victim was "curious" about sex and that she would be "damaged emotionally if he made her feel guilty about it."

The man said he was "out of control" and would routinely slap, shove or intimidate the seven-year-old victim to get what he wanted. The man admitted to his psychiatrist he may always pose a risk to the community.

"Maybe I'm a monster," he said. "I have a problem and society may not want me back on the street."

Interestingly enough, sex offenders and others in their forums made almost the exact same comments that parents across the continent have made.... and were labeled vigilantes for doing so.

Some of those comments were:

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Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:52 am

I came across a story yesterday about a man in the US who raped his girlfriends 5 month old baby while her 18 year old mother was at school. Horrific story.The baby girl was rushed into surgery for massive trauma from the incident. My husband leaned over my shoulder as I was reading it and his face just turned white. You know all that anger and hatred spewed by the PJ crew?I felt that way when I read about this poor baby.

Chrysalis goes on to say:

This part struck me as odd.
A Winnipeg man is agreeing to be designated a long-term offender after admitting he raped a seven-year-old girl almost daily for a year and forced her to watch videotapes of the abuse.

Agreeing? Who the hell gave the son of a bitch a choice?I am ashamed of our legal system here in Manitoba.He did it and by his own admission he's a monster and therefore he deserves no choice to be called sex offender. Did those babies have a choice? Hell no.

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Why such petty sentences? Take the guy out back and execute him immediately!

Truthseeker also posts:

Execute him. He had no problem executing his victim's life did he? He is beyond mental help. Some countries dont give a shit about protecting children. I've no problem supporting the death penalty in this case and I think it might (big might) cut down on child rape if people like this were immediately executed. He gets a slap on the wrist, So greater is the chance the next child rapist will get a slap as well. No real justice has been served here and he will be released one day and put more children in harms way. If he was executed, Then he wouldnt pose any future danger to children. No public outcry on the sentencing Judge either. Execute him/her as well.

Even the owners of the forum are not too happy with this story:

Corrupted Justice Management
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Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:26 am

Sick bastard. There should be more severe consequences for this horrid crime against children.

The Crown is seeking a prison sentence of 10 years for the second victim and a consecutive sentence for the first victim. Defence lawyer Chris Sigurdson is recommending a total sentence of 10 years, minus double credit of eight years for time already served.

10 years is not enough.
No double credit of 8years either.
IMO, Let him rot in jail.
Maybe it's time for a new Private Prison Sector to house certain sexual offenders.
Narrower and more specific categorization of sex offenses is needed.
Some people do need to be kept off the streets, granted, that need isn't limited to sex offenses.

And he also posts:

Any amount of abuse can be devastating and traumatic. They're all victims. Keep this guy in jail for life and use any funds that would have been spent on his later supervision to help the victim get professional mental health services.

Now call me crazy, but doesn't this sound like the same things that parents, victims advocates, ANTI's, and pedohunters say?
Well I guess all the members of Corrupted Justice are vigilantes (if I used "pedo-logic" LMAO)

Somewhere that the Catholioc Church hasn't been able to bully into submission!

In the State of Delaware we have totally removed all criminal and civil statutes of limitation regarding the sexual abuse of children and have included a two year "Window" as well which will remain open until July 10, 2009.
If you or anyone you may know was ever abused as a child in the State of Delaware, you and they have until July 10, 2009 to register intent.
Visit -

It is about time that a state has listened and ruled in the favor of victims of sexual abuse instead of the purses of the Catholic Church.
For the life of me I cannot understand why politicians could actually believe that the Catholic Church would go bankrupt if the statute of limitations was eliminated. Maybe if they quit covering everything in gold then they could pay the lawyer fees. Hell, the state doesn't even know how much money they have. I don't care if you are the pope (LOL) or the President, your institutions financial stability should have NOTHING to do with the ability of victims being able to take their abuser to court.
This is not JUST a Catholic issue, but one that spans across generations, races, genders, religions, etc. Basically when the Catholic Church blocks "Micheal Doe" from bringing his parish preist to court for molestation, it also blocks "Emily Smith" from bringing Uncle John to justice for rape.
So if the victim isn't ready to tell in the time they are alotted, TOUGH SHIT, because the Catholic Church is afraid they will lose money.


Sex offenders only 310 ft away from your kids?

Residents Concerned About Shawnee Sex Offender Center
POSTED: 10:48 am CDT April 22, 2008
UPDATED: 10:51 am CDT April 22, 2008

SHAWNEE, Okla. -- Residents in Shawnee are frustrated about plans to open a sex offender center, but city officials said they can't do anything about it.

VIDEO: Neighborhood Speaks Out Against Shawnee Center
Video: Residents Voice Concerns Over Center

One night per week, a building on Highland Street will soon open its doors to sex offenders. While the building is 310 feet away from Horace Mann Elementary school, 10 feet further than what state law requires, some parents told Eyewitness News 5 it's not far away enough.

"I am not against the rehabilitation part, but I think it needs to be in an area where there is not a residential area, where there is not kids," said Reggie Neal, whose mother-in-law lives in the area.

However, City Manager James Collard said the situation is out of his hands because the building owner is meeting all state and city laws.

A state representative attended a city meeting Monday night and said he plans to write a bill to keep sex offenders even farther from schools.

Concerned? No, these people are PISSED!

Move out you dirty pervs!

Board of Supervisors crackdown on sex offenders
John Dabkovich, Reporting
Video High

The County Board of Supervisors passed an emergency ordinance Tuesday that will force some registered sex offenders to move out of their homes.
You could call this ground zero for the debate. This section of south Union has two motels that are used by state parole to house convicted rapists, child molesters and other violent sex offenders.
But the Board of Supervisors passed an emergency ordinance that will make it illegal for convicted sex offenders to live at or within 2,000 feet of a child day care facility.
The supervisors moved on the idea after a state audit revealed last week that there are sex offenders living at licensed care facilities around the state.
Eyewitness News has learned that includes some children's facilities in Kern County. Today the Board of Supervisors heard from numerous concerned parents that live near the motels.
But because there are sex offenders living in those facilities, the board was able to pass an emergency ordinance, calling it a health and safety issue.
So what does that mean for the El Don motel and the Bakersfield Lodge down the street.
There is a day care facility less than 500 feet away. The sex offenders already living at these motels get to stay, but no other offenders can move in.
As for the people living at those care facilities, they have to move out immediately.

Report It Now Rally

The Report IT Campaign is a nationwide state-to-state rally to Report sexual violence and abuse on the same day! It was created to raise awareness on the vast under-reporting of sexual assault including rape, incest, and abuse.

Report IT exists to showcase solidarity in the movement to end sexual violence as well as a call to action to stop the systemic revictimization of victims that discourages reporting. This campaign is inclusive of men, women, children, trans-gendered and trans-sexual individuals and everyone who has ever been affected by sexual violence or abuse. You do not have to show up if you were a victim - show up if someone you care about was a victim too!

The Report IT Campaign features an anonymous online reporting system to gather statistics on the occurrences of sex crimes.

We encourage you to officially Report IT to the police as well as fill out our online form. If you are going to the police, please contact your local rape crisis center or support group so you will not go alone. If you do not have all the information about your case, if your offender is deceased, if the statute of limitations is up in your case, or if you cannot officially Report IT with the police - please fill out our online form and show up in person to the rally!

The online form is anonymous and is strictly for the Report IT campaign and will not be shared with the authorities. If your case is open, please do not share your real name and fill out the form under "Anonymous."

We will all show up together on April 29, 2008! Whether you officially Reported IT or not - please show up at your local courthouse.
Here are a list of locations that have signed up.

PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment
Shatter the silence of sexual violence!
The Columbus, OH Location:
Columbus, OH information (12 Noon rally):
NEW Location of Report IT Rally:
Franklin County Court House
373 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215