Monday, March 17, 2008

School board wrong on shelter

As a retired U.S. Coast Guard veteran and a Central High School alumni I am again appalled by the actions and attitudes of the R-12 School District.

They are claiming that a proposed shelter for homeless veterans in the former Social Security building would put the students of CHS at too great a risk.

Their spokespeople have made statements to the effect that "those people are generally unstable and some are even pedophiles." The district is making assumptions and passing judgment on these people partly because they are homeless, they are veterans and not what they want in their neighborhood or backyard.

Did the district complain when Alpha House was established just four blocks from Shady Dell Elementary? No! Was there this type of outcry when the Boys & Girls Clubs became the next door neighbor of Sigma House? No! Both of these establishments house known offenders in close proximity to much younger children than CHS has. Where is the outcry?

The R-12 School District needs to clean their own house before they start casting stones.

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