Monday, April 28, 2008

Need a new organ? Buy a poor kid!

Do you need a bone marrow transplant?
How about a new kidney?
Are you really rich?
Then we can set you up with a perfect genetic match, in the form of a CHILD! For the right price.........
But wait there is more...
these children have other things to offer!!!!
Do you need a servant?
Name: John LeeAge: 16 years oldCountry: China.
About John: A strong, strapping, handsome boy, and one of the very few males available for adoption from China, John has charmed our representatives with his limited command of the English language, despite his severe learning disabilities and lack of thumbs. John enjoys tending to small, household animals, but would also like to learn about cooking, cleaning and being a faithful household servant.
How about a sex slave?
Name: Natia BudzianowskiAge: 15 years oldCountry: Georgia
About Natia: An orphan whose parents whereabouts have never been known, she spent six years working in the underage sex-trade, several more years in foster homes, and now needs a new home. She’s since discovered our Lord Jesus Christ, pledged a vow of chastity, and has been free of the sins of physical flesh for more than six-months, though suggests that this may be open to negotiation.
Name: Masha GorbechovaAge: 11 years oldCountry: Russia.
About Masha: Masha’s mother died in child birth, and her father was involved in an industrial accident almost six years ago. Without support, she’ll be nothing more than a mere statistic in the orphan system in the faltering nation state. She loves playing with dolls, and would like for a loving family to help her take a bath and show her how best to take her antibiotics, assuming she gives an organ so great as to need it.
Name: Bngu HjritnunAge: 2 years oldCountry: Niger.
About Bngu: Sweet, little Bngu has perfect health, despite the conspicuous absence of parents. This child has uncommonly big lips, but some parents find that to be an attractive quality for personal reasons.
Name: Maria GarciaAge: 14 years oldCountry: Paraguay.
About Maria: She grew up on a her family farm, but her parents allegedly died in a flood late last year. Her time as an orphan is very short, so she will quickly assimilate back into a traditional family unit, and she is very pretty even at her young age. Maria enjoys reading the Bible, darning her undergarments, and arranging flowers from anything that grows locally.
But wait.... we say you can't have sex with them. Here is our disclaimer:
Please bear in mind that you can not sexually victimize your new child, and that, even if your new child is over the age of consent (14 in Mississippi, but older in other states,) we strongly discourage you from participating in even “consensual” sex acts, regardless of gender balance, status of those in attendance, or reasonably traditional nature of the acts. This is a serious “no no” for our agency.
Then they ask you in the registration form:

Which sex related crimes have you been convicted of:
PLEASE NOTE: This is for U.S CITIZENS ONLY. U.S. Law requires to ask these basic questions, however, your answers are not a factor in the adoption approval process.

Misdemeanor Exposure
Misdemeanor Soliciting
Misdemeanor Pandering
Misdemeanor Assault
Felony Prostitution
Felony Indecency
Felony Assault
Felony Rape/Sexual Battery
Felony Rape/Murder
Now according to : This is all a big joke
Why would someone waste the time and effort to create this website?
WHOIS says:
Registrant: Vexes Media, LLC
2519 McMullen Booth
Suite 510-323
Clearwater, FL 33761 US
Administrative Contact: Master, Domain
2519 McMullen Booth
Suite 510-323
Clearwater, FL 33761 US
Technical Contact: Master, Domain
2519 McMullen Booth
Suite 510-323
Clearwater, FL 33761 US
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the same company, Vexas Media has this site:

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The good news is that you can be safer in your home at night, even if just because you have better information, or because “somebody” takes the needed actions to get these people off the streets. then warns you about these terrible sites (which they own )
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