Thursday, January 17, 2008

California prisons allow predators access to children!

One child has already been sexually assaulted and the prison system REFUSES to do anything to protect these kids who are visiting other inmates!

Other writ is pending in California Supreme Court, filed on April 17, 2006; writ seeks to protect children visiting prisons from sexual-predators. Child-predators are restricted from visiting children that they have been convicted of sexually- abusing BUT they are not limited from being around other visitor's children who have no idea the predator who has not been rehabilitated in any fashion is present and a danger to their child. Case #S142658.

Happy New Year. We are on a mission to catch these child predators. However, after they've been encarcerated we have learned that they still have access to children and one such child was even assaulted in a visiting room. We are raising awareness of this and the denied/ignored attempts to have legislators address these problem. Do you have recommendations, resoures that we may use to succeed in stoping pedophiles?

Thus far we've been ignored by Gov. Schwartzeneger. 916.445.2841, Sen. Perata, 510.286.1333, Assemblyman Swanson, 916.319.2016, Sec. of Corrections James E. Tilton, 916.323.6001. All the corresponding court case numbers will be found in the written section of the lisabenoit1 site. Also, there are more numbers & email addresses at, select "How You Can Help". This is a nationwide epidemic...Thanks,Lisa

**8/22/2007After complying with the California Supreme Court's requests, LaMerle's writ to protect the children was denied. He is now weighing his options; considering filing Civil Litigation in either the State or Federal Court, wanting to combine that with a public campaign to expose state legislators and the Governor, hoping that they will DO SOMETHING.

**7/31/07 Writ filed in California Supreme Court (#S154875)In the near future, the writ will be accessible on

**7/19/20073rd Appellate District Court denied writ, without stating a reason.

**7/10/07Mr. Johnson addressed his request to the 3rd Appellate District Court of California (#C056182)

**6/27/2007Hon. Susan Harlan denied the writ to protect the children.

**6/8/2007Mr. Johnson filed writ requesting a formal response from the State Attorney General and appointed counsel.

**6/7/2007Supervising Deputy Attorney General, Jennifer A. Neil, responded on behalf of Attorney General Jerry Brown, "...this is not properly a habeas corpus action; thus, the petition should be denied" (refusing to address the issues of safety regarding the threat that said predators pose to visiting children).

**5/24/2007Hon. Susan C. Harlan Ordered California State Attorney General, Jerry Brown, to provide an informal response to why innocent children shouldn't be protected from convicted child predators.

**5/3/07Mr. Johnson filed legislation in Amador County Court (#07-HC-0889).

**4/29/07Prison officials denied the request informing Mr. Johnson that California's legislators/governor has to pass legislation/rules to protect the children.

**11/29/06Mr. Johnson filed a prison appeal at Mule Creek State Prison (#MCSP-06-02674), Sacramento (#0610003).

**11/1/06...court denied filing, instructing Mr. Johnson to give prison a chance to address the issue

**4/17/06Mr. Johnson filed documents in California Supreme Court (#S142658) to protect children from predators after learning that predators use exposure to children in visiting rooms to develop child-sexual-fantasy material.

**Circa April 2005LaMerle Johnson & other inmates began to file prison requests to rehabilitate sex offenders and to protect children in visiting rooms from child predators.