Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No legal cure for pedophiles

I just want to say that I am sick to my stomach after viewing some pedophile websites where they boast of thier "love" of children.

These sick people have thier own holidays to celebrate the molestation of children.

I personally cannot handle looking at these websites, let alone read the posts that they share with each other. I am not able to control my emotions that emerge from viewing such things. It makes me want to vomit, cry, and kill these sick twisted individuals.

They take pictures of beautiful little girls and boys, and turn them into something sexual.

I hear all the time from people "I just don't understand how or why they do this"

The reason you don't understand why, is because you are not insane.

Only people who suffer from the same insanity could understand thier thought process.

They actually think what they are doing is okay, because they have changed thier thought process. It is called a cognitive distortion.
here to view some ways that sex offenders have thinking errors.

From Absolute Zero:

A perfect example of a pedophile thinking:

Jonathan Johnson, a 31 year old bi-sexual pedophile from Nebraska, and a regular poster on the very graphic pedophile forum, BoyMoment.
He is a very dangerous pedophile because not only has he worked as a DJ at a Skating Rink where he had access to young children daily, he also has many young boys who stay overnight and sleep in the same bed with him on a regular basis.
He admits to showing his "Young Friends" the pedophile posts on the BoyMoment forums, which include graphic discussions such as "Little Boys Cum", "Little Boys Butts", "When is the last time you saw a Boy naked?", along with graphic photographs of young boys in various stages of undress.

In Response to the question "has anyone ever had an orgasm while a toddler was wiggling around on your lap?":

Hmmm maybe a lot of pre-cum once or twice, one YF felt me get hard, knew what it was and wiggled even more.

God I love it when they know what's going on, they know they cuased it and they tease you even more.

These pedophiles actually believe that a toddler knows what an erection is, and enjoy getting them aroused!

Toddlers do not have that thought process.
They just want to play and have fun, and enjoy getting attention from an adult. They don't want to be raped and molested. They don't even know what that is.

Pedos have twisted thier thoughts to actually BELIEVE that children want and enjoy being fondled and raped.

There is no cure for these sick twisted people, other than lobotomys or death.

They can only try to avoid children (which they won't and can't), or curb thier desires (impossible- you can't stop thinking unless you have a lobotomy)