Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I’ve been trying to get someone to take the step forward and say that these sick "modeling" sites are child porn! Too bad the sentences were reduced.

Sentence reduced in Utahn’s child-porn conviction

By Geoffrey Fattah
Deseret Morning News
Published: Sunday, March 16, 2008 12:15 a.m. MDT

A man convicted of running several Web sites that a court ruled dealt in child pornography had his sentence essentially cut in half, by recommendation of the government.

Federal prosecutors said they would not comment on the reason they petitioned a federal judge to have the five-year sentence of Charles Granere reduced to 30 months.

During a resentencing hearing on Tuesday, attorneys for Granere and the government explained the reason for the reduction in a hearing closed to the public.

Granere, along with co-defendant Matthew Duhamel, was indicted on charges of dealing in child pornography.

The two men operated Web sites dedicated to "modeling" pictures of 9- and 10-year-old girls dressed in adult clothing, including lingerie, miniskirts and two-piece bikinis. The girls also were depicted in sexually suggestive poses.

Although the two men argued that the photos were not pornographic in nature because the girls were fully clothed, U.S. District Judge Tena Campbell ruled that the U.S. Supreme Court had determined such content can be considered pornographic.

Last year Duhamel and Granere were sentenced to five years in federal prison.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Campbell ordered Granere’s sentence reduced for what she said was things done in "making amends" for his actions.

Granere, 28, told the court with his new sentence, he anticipated being released in February 2009. Campbell said he was still a young man with a promising future ahead of him.,5143,695262082,00.html

Child porn stash found

Burglary Investigation Led To 30 Child Porn Charges

By NEIL JOHNSON The Tampa Tribune
Published: March 16, 2008

TAMPA - TAMPA - Deputies charged an unemployed Brandon man with 30 counts of possession of child pornography Saturday.

Steven Farney

Steven Farney, 701 Strawlake Dr., Brandon, was originally charged with burglary when deputies were investigating vagrants hanging around an empty building on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard about 12:15 p.m. Saturday, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said.

Later deputies found the Farney, 43, had 30 photos of pre-adolescent children involved in sexual activity or in lewd poses, the arrest report states.

He was originally arrested after he jogged away from deputies questioning people hanging around an empty building.

He is in the Orient Road Jail with bond set at $62,500.

The old "I didn't do it"

Eyeing sex predators: Bill tweaks designation process justifiably
Clint Talbott, for the editorial board
Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sean Christopher Jackson says two teen-age girls consented to have sex with him. His father says Jackson pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault to avoid a possible life sentence. There was no sexual offense, the father says. Sean Jackson, he maintains, was just "an immature teen-ager -- a stupid kid."

The two victims, who were 14 and 15 at the time of the assaults, say Jackson raped them. Jackson lost his right to feign innocence when he pleaded guilty. He spent three years in prison -- a sentence that reflects a judge's conviction that Jackson committed a serious crime.

In a parole-board hearing, Jackson denied his guilt, as sexual offenders often do. Because he denied his crime and showed other key risk factors, the parole board labeled him a "sexually violent predator," a designation designed to warn society of the sex criminals who are most likely to reoffend.

Sexual convicts, their friends and their well-paid advocates say the SVP label is inflammatory and unfair. Their argument should be weighed in light of the evidence -- which demonstrated in court that they committed grievous sexual offenses on innocent victims and against the people of Colorado.

The term "sexually violent predator" inspires a great deal of fear, Ingrid Bakke, a former sex-crimes prosecutor, told the Camera recently. "That does a lot in terms of scaring people and making the offender equally afraid of more repercussions when tagged," said Bakke, now a private defense attorney.

"And I think we have yet to see if it works or not."

Julie Brooks, a spokeswoman for the Boulder Police Department, offered a similar view. "It's such a misnomer," she told the Camera. "There can be no violence involved (and people can still be) labeled."

Brooks should know that "crimes of violence," including various forms of sexual assault, are carefully defined by state law. A victim need not be physically battered to have suffered a crime of violence. Sexual assault, which involves the overcoming of the victim's free will, does profound, lasting and very real violence to her psyche. The law appropriately recognizes this damage as violence.

Sex offenders and their sycophants will never recognize that truth, but the rest of society should. All that being said, there is a legitimate critique of the "sexually violent predator" tag: The designation can be made by a parole board if a judge fails to make a determination. Unlike a court, a parole board meets in secret, without the convict's defense attorney.

Rep. Dianne Primavera, a Broomfield Democrat, has sponsored a bill that would direct the sentencing court to administer a sexually violent predator assessment. Primavera's legislation, House Bill 1247, has cleared the House and Senate.

"This bill ensures that sexually violent predators are assessed at the right place at the right time by someone with the right skill level," Primavera said in a statement. "It will help guarantee offenders get the proper treatment so they don't fall through the cracks and offend again once they are released."

There is no perfect system of identifying, labeling and tracking the worst of the sexual sociopaths in our midst. Primavera's bill will not satisfy those who want to claim innocence after admitting guilt. Nor will it ensure that all violent predators are so labeled. But it is a defensible step toward more consistency and rigor in pursuit of public safety.

Clint Talbott, for the editorial board

Sex offender busted again

Convicted Sex Offender Arrested Again

POSTED: 4:38 pm EDT March 12, 2008
UPDATED: 5:10 pm EDT March 12, 2008

DAYTON, Ohio -- A registered sex offender, convicted of raping a child, is now accused of trying to lure a girl.

Police said the man tried to entice an 11-year-old girl as she was walking home, but she managed to get away. He is now in jail.

According to the Department of Corrections, 59-year-old Ronald Brown was convicted of rape and gross sexual imposition in 1983. He was paroled in 2004, but now he is back in jail.

Police said Brown asked the girl to help him look for a missing ring, but when she said no and started to run, Brown tried to grab her.

On Tuesday, Brown was charged with one count of criminal child enticement after the young victim identified him as the perpetrator. He was identified from a sex offender flier that was handed out in the child’s neighborhood.

Brown appeared in court and his bond was set at $50,000.

Video: Jill Del Greco Reports On Sex Offender Arrest

Keep these pedophiles behind bars!

COSHOCTON - Two former Coshocton County men currently incarcerated after convictions on rape charges are scheduled to appear before the Ohio Parole Board next month.
George B. Carpenter, 73, of the Chillicothe Correctional Institution, has served more than 19 years in prison.
He was sentenced Dec. 2, 1988, in Coshocton County Common Pleas Court on two first-degree felony counts of rape and two third-degree felony counts of gross sexual imposition. A jury deliberated 1 and1¼2 hours that morning before finding him guilty of the charges that stemmed from incidents involving two 10-year-old girls.
He received a 10-year definite to life for one count rape; 10 to 25 years for one count of rape; and two years definite for gross sexual imposition.
Carpenter maintained his innocence even after sentencing, according to a Dec. 3, 1988, Coshocton Tribune article.
Court records show he filed various motions and appeals through 2001 to have his sentenced modified, and all were denied or dismissed.
During the 1988 trial the two girls used dolls to demonstrate what happened between Carpenter and themselves, according to a Dec. 2, 1988 Tribune article.
James P. Cozart, 48, of the Noble Correctional Institution, entered guilty pleas on July 22, 1996 to two first-degree felony counts of rape involving a male child under 13-years-old.
He was sentenced in January 1997 to serve six to 25 years.
Persons wishing to submit a written statement concerning these hearings may send such statement to the Ohio Parole Board, Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, 1050 Freeway Drive, North, Columbus, OH 43229. Please include the offender's name and number on any correspondence.
George B. Carpenter institution number A207533
James P. Cozart institution number A339675

Columbus Ohio Pedophile??

I got this report from someone I know and trust......

Identify These Internet Pedophiles~~ Protect Your Children From Them.

Until these Internet Pedophiles can be legally be identified, beware of ISPAddress, ISP Address and ISP Address ISP Addresses are registered to pedophiles that keep preying on my children. and other sites that belong to me. These ISP addresses are registered through AT&T Internet Services out of Columbus OHIO. There are several GREAT sites out there that will idnetify these Pedophiles and their ISP Addresses. I suggest you find one and watch for these ISP Addresses located from the Columbus Ohio Area. Several of my friends also have identifier programs set up on their sites and have also found predator behaviors from these same ISP Addresses. SO BE WARE!These Internet pedophiles have repeatedly tried to get into my children's myspace accounts, which are PRIVATE ACCOUNTS, (you have to be approved as aFRIEND ONLY to get into my children's accounts) It is believed that since the Internet pedophiles keeps trying to get into the accounts (knowing they are PRIVATE ACCOUNT), that maybe they have successfully ILLEGALLY broken into these accounts. We all know the DRIVE a Pedophile will take to get hishands on his young prey. NOW reverse it...PREY ON THEM when you use theseidentifier programs.My children have absolutely NO CONNECTION to anyone in the Columbus OHIOArea...No one in the Columbus Ohio area, would have any concern for MYwebsites bringing awareness to Child Sexual Abuse Issues and then also my two children's myspace accounts. (There is NO CONNECTION of the TWO) Unless they were preying on me and my children as a threat, because they don't like the AWARENESS I BRING TO THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE and my goals of exposing Pedophiles.Of Course...My MOLESTER himself, has an ATTORNEY in the Columbus Ohio Area.Hum...Lets see, an attorney who represents pedophiles...could it be they have a common bond, and that's why he supports and protects the rights of Child Molesters?Everyone beware and do your best to find out who these ISP Addresses belong to, so that you can help expose them and bring them to JUSTICE!Most importantly protect innocent children. If these Columbus OHIO Internet Pedophiles are preying on children in South Carolina, you have to wonder what they are actually doing to children in the Columbus, OHIO Area that they have better access to. Together We Can Make A Difference, even if it means bringing each pedophile down one by one.

Lavender Power

Breaking The Silence

By Genia Geddings
Sumter Herald Writer

“Growing up means different things to each of us,”
Sumter resident, Patty Hopson shares, “for some
there are wonderfully fond memories, for others
there are ugly bad memories. For me, growing up
included being the 'shameful, guilty, worthless little
girl' always trying to please everyone in order to be
accepted and that made me an easy target. My vulnerability
and low self-esteem and the need to feel
loved, made me a delightful target for an evil molester.

Looking back, I have learned to consider the
tough times as part of what has made me who I am.
And I have credited God for letting me go through
even the most difficult times, because I know who I
am, and I have seen what others have become.”

Patty shares her story because she believes in
speaking out against any type of abuse women and
children sometimes endure. Of course her passion is
to speak out about childhood sexual abuse and
encourage other victims to speak also. “Unless victims
break the silence the child molesters will continue
to get away with their crimes,” Patty explains.

As a victim of childhood molestation, Patty
remained silent. She did not want to cause any problems
and she was told by her molester that her family
would not believe her if she told them. The
molester was right. Patty was thirty-six years old
before she finally came to grips with the truth and
told her immediate family that she had been
molested by another related family member.
When Patty contacted officials in Ohio, which
is the state she lived in with her parents as a
child, she was told the Statute of Limitations had expired.
Patty found she had three years past
her eighteenth birthday to press charges.

Patty states,
“I do not feel crimes committed against children
should have a Statute of Limitations. Most children
will not talk about the past and what happened to
them until it is too late. I was embarrassed, ashamed
and scared of my family and abuser when I was
younger and it was not until I started having problems
as an adult that I had the courage to even admit
that I had been sexually abused.”

Encouraged to speak out, Patty wrote a letter to the
editor of numerous papers entitled “Breaking the
Silence is Crucial to Protecting our Children.” This
letter encouraged Ohio citizens to contact their lawmakers
and request the Statute of Limitations laws
for Child Sexual abuse be changed. "When I wrote
those letters everything fell apart. I was blamed for
what had happened to me as a child, rejected by my
family and even threatened. But others came forward
and I found I was not alone," says Patty.

“After my letter was published I was contacted by
Marci Hamilton, a Professor in Public Law,” Patty
states, “Prof. Hamilton told me about a bill that was
going before the Senate which was requesting the
Statute of Limitations be changed to at least twenty
years. Also, a request was being made that victims
during the 1970 era have a one year window to come
forward and file charges regarding sexual abuse they
suffered during those years. I was invited to speak
before the Judiciary Committee in the House of
Representatives about why the statute needed to be

In 2006, the bill was voted on and the House of
Representative took out the window regarding the
1970 era, but they did allow a Registry that would
allow victims to file a judgment against their sexual
predator. Victims would have to produce enough
evidence to support the abuse charges and if the
Attorney General felt the evidence was sufficient,
charges would be presented.

Statistics of sexual abuse are deplorable. National
statistics show that one in four girls and one in six
boys will become victims of sexual abuse before the
age of eighteen. One in five children will be solicited
sexually while on the internet. And nearly seventy
percent of all sexual assaults occur to children
seventeen and under. In South Carolina, victims of
childhood sexual assault have six years from their
twenty-first birthday to bring charges against their

In June of 2006, Patty co-founded
The purpose of Lavender Power is to let others
know they are not alone and they do have support
without being judged.

The website offers lavender bracelets to symbolize
unity and E-magazines for survivors to view.
The magazine offers encouragement but also
celebrates with those who use their talents through
arts, poetry and other ways to heal by allowing
them the opportunity to share on line.

A child’s safety is the job of an adult. We need to learn the facts. Know
where our children are going to be and who they are
going to be with. Know the realities. Eliminate the
one adult/one child situation. By minimizing opportunity
you will dramatically lower the risk. Talk with your children. Barriers can be broken and they will share if they know you are truly concerned.
Don’t expect the signs of sexual abuse to be obvious.
Be alert. If you learn your child has been abused, know how
to react, where to go and who to call. Act on your
suspicions; your child’s future depends on it. Get
involved. Even the adults we trust to protect our
children can not always be trusted.

Patty will continue to work diligently by hosting support
groups over the internet and speaking at events sponsored
by various organizations in Sumter and Columbia. She
has been invited to speak on a talk show in Orlando this
month and attend a walk in Washington, DC with Stop
the Silence. But unless victims are willing to speak out
against their perpetrators the abuse will not stop. Statistics
show nearly 70% of all child sex offenders have between one
and nine victims. An average serial molester has as many as 400 victims in his lifetime. An abuser wants control and by silencing his victim
he has achieved that control. It is important that
each of us Break the Silence and speak out against
Child Sexual Abuse.

Patty will continue her fight to
be heard. She does not want other children to suffer
the pain, embarrassment and shame she felt growing
up. She will continue to speak out and Break the