Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Message from Code Amber

*** A Message From the Founder - March 2008


When I started Code Amber five and a half years ago I had a vision.
That vision was to expand the reach of Amber Alerts by utilizing the
Internet and also to educate people about the Amber Plan. At the
time (August 2002) only 14 states had AMBER Plans in place. Now all
50 states and Puerto Rico and Guam plus all of the Canadian
provinces have AMBER Plans in place.

But we're not finished yet.

As you probably have seen we now have a new web site design and we
also have some new faces behind the scenes to help us take Code
Amber to the next level.

As of today there are more than 400,000 web and desktop tickers
deployed and displaying Amber Alerts in the US and Canada. This past
December we surpassed 1.5 Billion Tickers displayed. That is not
enough. We want to double those numbers in the next year. Our
ultimate goal is to make the AMBER Alert system so pervasive that
anytime someone even thinks about abducting a child that they will
fear the power of Amber Alerts enough that they just DON'T DO IT!

During this transition we need your help, and we need it now. Up to
this point I have personally financed 90% of the cost of operating
Code Amber. I can no longer afford to do that. Many of you have been
faithful supporters and made small donations to the cause and I
cannot tell you how appreciative I am of that generosity.

Now, I need your support more than ever to continue our mission.

If you want to make a difference we all know that it needs to start
with you. If each of you would make a $25 donation to Code Amber today
we will be able to continue our quest to double the reach of Code
Amber in the next year. We also know that expecting you alone to
donate and keep this program growing is not all it will take to make
this successful, so we would like to challenge you to also contact at
5 of your friends that would be willing to match your donation and
contribute to the future of Code and our children.

Donations can be made at .
Please do it today.

We will also be announcing Code Amber's Angels later this month to
provide a community where you can participate and collaborate with
other members to bring awareness and education about Amber Alerts to
your local area. We are very excited about the potential of this
powerful initiative.

So please help us take Code Amber to the next level by contributing
what ever you are able by visiting

Without you, what we have accomplished thus far would not have been

Bryant Harper

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