Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pay it back

I have a civil service job in the town of Methuen as a school nurse and if I made an extra penny in my check, I would return it to the city. I think of civil service as a protection for me, but I also feel that I have a higher standard because I work with children. and to be able to hold my head up high, I would need to return that money. I also believe that the policemen in Methuen should also do the same to be able to live in this community and feel good about the job that they're doing.

Yankees, too

Seems to me that they're really doing a number on the Patriots, especially when it had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. How about the Yankees? Their World Series, championships and division titles should also be tainted, with the likes of Jason Giambi, Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte, and superstar pitcher Roger Clemens. Why doesn't Congress instead try to help out the citizens of this country instead of making a mockery of professional sports?

Milking the city

Doesn't the City Council and anybody running the city of Methuen realize that police Chief Joseph Solomon is milking the city for everything it has? Fire him right now before the city becomes a desert. I honestly believe the government should do something about this.

Blocking river

These people are being ridiculous about the blocking of the river. The only way you can see the river is if you're on the bridge. You have a bunch of buildings and plazas blocking the view, so what's the big deal? It's ridiculous that they won't allow the construction and are making it difficult.

Parking deck

Last I checked, the Haverhill parking deck is a public parking deck, not private. I could park any vehicle I wanted, as long as it was not overweight. Do the police have nothing better to do then to tell people that they can't park there?

Lend a hand

Congratulations to the people who said to work together and help the people on Kirkland Drive in Andover. If you don't like what's on their lawn, then role up your sleeves and lend a hand.

Tax impact

I just wanted to say that if the Salem homeowners who are supporting the school project are saying the project is going to allow your property value to stay the same, then they're wrong. The cost is going to make the real estate taxes increase so much that their property value will have to go down for anyone to be able to afford the house. When real estate taxes go up, the value goes down. If you have a thousand dollars to spend on your mortgage, there is only so many ways to cut the pie. This is going to kill us.

Dose of truth

Methuen needs a dose of truth. An example is Joe Salvo. No one in their 60s will give up a $90,000 job with health insurance and a pension for no reason. The truth must come out.

Stallone's movie

Sylvester Stallone, open up your eyes. Our children and fellow citizens are getting killed over in Iraq and you have the nerve to make a war movie. What do you think this does to our children?

Rising prices

I'll vote for anyone who will solve this issue of rising prices. Oil and gas companies had record profits last year, and by bickering and arguing about stupid nonsense, no one has addressed these problems. I don't care if it's Hillary, Obama, McCain, or Huckabee. If you can solve the problem of raised oil prices or petroleum, then you have my vote. Get it done. The citizens are the ones that get done over at the pump.

Scraping streets

The plows came by last Sunday morning with the plows scraping the streets. Can somebody tell the taxpayers why this was necessary when the streets were already clean?


This is concerning the person who wrote in about the potholes in Lawrence. It is ridiculous and needs to be dealt with. They have money to put towards silly things, but won't put it towards the streets that taxpayers ride on and pedestrians have to cross.


The problem of today's society is how judges are just allowing child molesters to go free.

Veterans and taxes

I am a Vietnam veteran and I believe that we shouldn't have to pay taxes. We have already paid with our courage, time, and blood. We have put our lives on the line for this country and should be paid back for it by allowing us not to pay federal taxes. We stood up for those who couldn't fight for themselves and put our lives on the line.

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