Monday, January 14, 2008

Serial Rapist stalking in Queens

Police Search For Suspect In Alleged Sex Assault

Victim, 17, Latest In String Of Attacks In Queens Neighborhood

By Elizabeth Hur, CBS 2 QUEENS (CBS) ―

A neighborhood is on edge Sunday as women have been warned to watch out for a sexual predator that seems to be thriving in the area. Police in Queens are looking into a report of a young girl who claims she's been assaulted. The alleged attack occurred Saturday night, police told CBS 2, in the same neighborhood where four other similar attacks have occured. The news of another possible sexual assault has left women rattled and frightened. "I'm really scared because it's a shame that had to happen," said Felicia Kilpatrick, a South Jamaica resident. "It's ridiculous. Kids should be able to walk around feeling free not to walk around looking over their shoulder," neighbor Bernard Frasier told CBS 2. The levels of anxiety in the neighborhood is a result of a sexual predator who police say, has struck on several occasion since November of 2007. Police confirmed, prior to last night's alleged attack, there have been four attacks, 3 in November and 1 in December. Each time, according to authorities, the assailant threatened his victim with a knife, dragging his victims into a secluded area and sexually assaulting them. Two of the victims were just 15-years-old. In this latest incident, a 17-year-old girl told police she was just walking home late Saturday night when a man approached her with a knife and forced her into a secluded area, hidden by a wall of homes under construction where she was sexually assaulted. "I think he's sick. Whoever he is. He's actually sick to do something like that to a kid," said Bernard Frasier. "Nothing happens around here. It's a very quiet street, well this particular street is a very quiet street," Harvey Gray of South Jamaica told CBS 2. Some residents are surprised, while others have been more vocal. But one thing is sure among all the residents of the usually laid back atmosphere of the neighborhood, everyone is hoping for a fast arrest. "I hope is caught and I hope everyone's doing what they need to do to catch him," a concerned South Jamaican resident said. Investigators are asking the public for their help in locating the suspect's whereabouts.

Police are anxious to find the man drawn here who has a whole community on high alert after several alleged sexual assault victims have come forward since November of last year.

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