Monday, January 14, 2008

Chandler rapist may be caught in CA

Chandler Rapist tie looked at in California

Mark Flatten, Mike Branom, Tribune

Chandler police will check possible links between a man arrested Friday in connection with a series of sexual assaults on girls in that city and a serial rapist who has targeted women in northern California for years.

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Chandler Detective David Ramer confirmed Sunday that investigators will be in contact with police in the Sacramento area who have been looking for a serial predator dubbed the NorCal Rapist.
Santana Batiz-Aceves, a 39-year-old illegal immigrant suspected of being the Chandler Rapist, was deported twice for criminal charges in California in 1999 and 2003. Both convictions were in Sacramento County.
At present, geography seems to be the strongest link between Batiz-Aceves and the NorCal Rapist, Ramer said. The California rapist targeted mostly Asian women in their 20s, while the Chandler attacks involved girls between the ages and 12 and 15 since the first attack in June 2006.
“He’s made it very clear that his preference is young girls,” Ramer said of the Chandler Rapist.
As to possible links with the NorCal rapist, Ramer added:
“It’s not likely, but until they look at everything they don’t rule it out. Right now, the only similarity is that (Batiz-Aceves) is from Sacramento. If it were 13-year-olds that were the victims up there, the interest level would go up a lot higher.”
Batiz-Aceves was arrested Friday and booked into jail on suspicion of 25 felonies related to the Chandler attacks, including kidnapping, child molestation, sexual abuse, sexual conduct with a minor, aggravated assault, burglary and trespassing.
Police said Saturday that DNA evidence links Batiz-Aceves, a heavy equipment operator, to three of the sexual assaults. He was arrested at his home near Arizona Avenue and Ray Road by Chandler detectives.
Police in California believe the NorCal Rapist may be tied to a series of attacks on 10 women in six counties dating back to 1991.
Batiz-Aceves has lived in the Chandler area about 18 months.

The Tribune has a whole breakdown of the attacks, composite sketch, police reports etc. View that here

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