Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Somewhere that the Catholioc Church hasn't been able to bully into submission!

In the State of Delaware we have totally removed all criminal and civil statutes of limitation regarding the sexual abuse of children and have included a two year "Window" as well which will remain open until July 10, 2009.
If you or anyone you may know was ever abused as a child in the State of Delaware, you and they have until July 10, 2009 to register intent.
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It is about time that a state has listened and ruled in the favor of victims of sexual abuse instead of the purses of the Catholic Church.
For the life of me I cannot understand why politicians could actually believe that the Catholic Church would go bankrupt if the statute of limitations was eliminated. Maybe if they quit covering everything in gold then they could pay the lawyer fees. Hell, the state doesn't even know how much money they have. I don't care if you are the pope (LOL) or the President, your institutions financial stability should have NOTHING to do with the ability of victims being able to take their abuser to court.
This is not JUST a Catholic issue, but one that spans across generations, races, genders, religions, etc. Basically when the Catholic Church blocks "Micheal Doe" from bringing his parish preist to court for molestation, it also blocks "Emily Smith" from bringing Uncle John to justice for rape.
So if the victim isn't ready to tell in the time they are alotted, TOUGH SHIT, because the Catholic Church is afraid they will lose money.


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