Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Columbus Ohio Pedophile??

I got this report from someone I know and trust......

Identify These Internet Pedophiles~~ Protect Your Children From Them.

Until these Internet Pedophiles can be legally be identified, beware of ISPAddress, ISP Address and ISP Address ISP Addresses are registered to pedophiles that keep preying on my children. and other sites that belong to me. These ISP addresses are registered through AT&T Internet Services out of Columbus OHIO. There are several GREAT sites out there that will idnetify these Pedophiles and their ISP Addresses. I suggest you find one and watch for these ISP Addresses located from the Columbus Ohio Area. Several of my friends also have identifier programs set up on their sites and have also found predator behaviors from these same ISP Addresses. SO BE WARE!These Internet pedophiles have repeatedly tried to get into my children's myspace accounts, which are PRIVATE ACCOUNTS, (you have to be approved as aFRIEND ONLY to get into my children's accounts) It is believed that since the Internet pedophiles keeps trying to get into the accounts (knowing they are PRIVATE ACCOUNT), that maybe they have successfully ILLEGALLY broken into these accounts. We all know the DRIVE a Pedophile will take to get hishands on his young prey. NOW reverse it...PREY ON THEM when you use theseidentifier programs.My children have absolutely NO CONNECTION to anyone in the Columbus OHIOArea...No one in the Columbus Ohio area, would have any concern for MYwebsites bringing awareness to Child Sexual Abuse Issues and then also my two children's myspace accounts. (There is NO CONNECTION of the TWO) Unless they were preying on me and my children as a threat, because they don't like the AWARENESS I BRING TO THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE and my goals of exposing Pedophiles.Of Course...My MOLESTER himself, has an ATTORNEY in the Columbus Ohio Area.Hum...Lets see, an attorney who represents pedophiles...could it be they have a common bond, and that's why he supports and protects the rights of Child Molesters?Everyone beware and do your best to find out who these ISP Addresses belong to, so that you can help expose them and bring them to JUSTICE!Most importantly protect innocent children. If these Columbus OHIO Internet Pedophiles are preying on children in South Carolina, you have to wonder what they are actually doing to children in the Columbus, OHIO Area that they have better access to. Together We Can Make A Difference, even if it means bringing each pedophile down one by one.

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