Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Is SoClear Media?

SOclear Media Productions, Inc. is the brainchild of Tom Madison, a convicted sex offender who seeks to provide support to other organizations which share the common goal of seeking change in sex offender registration laws across the United States.

SOclear, along with other organizations such as SOhopeful and the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, is made up mostly of convicted sex offenders who claim that the current laws regarding their registration requirements are unfair and unjust. Together they seek out other convicted sex offenders, their families and friends, so they, as a group, can approach politicians with their complaints and requests for reform. SOclear, as a partner in this effort, produces videos for use on the internet which promotes their view and goals, primarly for play on YouTube. SOclear is also working to reach beyond YouTube users by pressing to have their message sent through national television and radio venues. In addition, they are the organizers of rallies which they hope will draw attention to their "cause". Two such rallies have already taken place in Miami, FL and in Columbus, Ohio.

Madison has also filed for non-profit status for SOclear Media, however as of the writing of this article, the IRS has not yet granted 503(c)(3) status to the organization. Despite this minor detail, Madison continues to solicit donations to SOclear Media Productions.

Mission Statement

We are a group of like-minded individuals consisting of people from all walks of life who share a common, genuine concern for the well being and safety of children across the nation as well as the betterment of society as a whole. We are former offenders, family members of former offenders, victims, mental health professionals, and legal professionals. Our goal as concerned citizens is to address and advocate for the safety of children and against the legislatively mandated obstacles to successful re-entry of former offenders into society.


The sex offender laws affect ALL sex offenders. We all know that. Therefore whether you or your loved one was charged with CP, got caught in a Romeo/Juliet type situation, or was charged with sexual assault/rape doesn't even come into play with our organization.

-- Jackie Sparling - Chief Operations Officer

Web Site Addresses

SOclear Media Productions, Inc.
YouTube User:soclearmedia
MySpace Member:so_clear_media

Last Known Address

16120 SE 82nd Drive, Suite 52
Clackamas, OR 97015

Last Known Phone Number


Organization Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Tom Madison

Chief of Operations
Jackie Sparling, wife of Donald Sparling, who conspired with another pedophile to lure a 13 year old to New York, with the intention of making her a sex slave and impregnate her. He is serving 15 years in prison.

Media Productions Manager
Karen Anderson

Media Distributions Manager
Dave Watson

Press Relations
Jan Kruska

Mike Storac

On-Site Educational Forum Manager
Jacquelyn Hunter

Education and Training Coordinator
Tammy Jasper

Video Editor
Ron Dawson

Funding Coordinator
Linda Towers

Security Manager
Dave Taylor

YouTube Manager
Allen Harbors

Newsletter Manager
Linda Towers

Related Organizations

Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign
American Justice Foundation
Roar for Freedom
Operation Awareness
SOhopeful International
Blogspot ZMan!:Sex Offender Issues
Prison Talk Online Community

Contact Us

If you have information regarding this organization, it's leadership, members, or activities, please contact us at admin@wikisposure.com.

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