Monday, March 10, 2008

Further restrictions for sex offenders in the works

Supervisor Michael Rubio plans to introduce an ordinance further limiting where sex offenders can live in the county.

Rubio is working with county lawyers and intends to discuss the proposal at Tuesday’s board meeting.

A few weeks ago, TV-17 showed you how the Parole Department placed dozens of sex offenders at the Bakersfield Lodge on S. Union Avenue.

Residents said they looked on the Megan’s Law website and found about a dozen more living down the street at the El Don Motel.

The motels are less than 1,000 feet away from a daycare facility and a residential home for the mentally disabled.

Rubio said the ordinance will keep offenders from living near places where children gather.

If it passes, Rubio said he wants to work with incorporated cities like Delano to make sure they pass similar laws so that it’s the same throughout the county.

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