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Dare to feel the pain

"The Second Chance Society"

"Our mission is to fight a battle based on truth and documented facts. We shall encourage the young adults who have been cheated out of a childhood to work with us in finding realistic solutions for tomorrow's children. Those who have lived the hype and the fear will have a clear vision for the future and a roadmap to get there."

So speaks Shirley Lowery, the former CEO of Sosen. Recently shamed and ousted from her position during a gruesome hostile takeover, Shirley became depressed and announced her retirement. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. She's back with a vengeance and plotting her return to activism with her new mission statement, above.

One of her ways of making a come back will be to address America's youth. Not those who were victimized by sexual abusers but rather those she claims were cheated of a normal childhood by parents who were afraid that their child would be abused. She says:
"Adults threw all kinds of things on you to protect you from a fate worse than death.

Were you frightened or were you victimized and cheated out of the best years of your life due to the adults in your life that were scared witless?

It will be interesting to hear what you have to say about families being tossed out and burned out of their homes. People have been mugged and murdered.

These are things that are being done in your name."
Personally I think it will be far more interesting to hear from children who were groomed, manipulated and molested. Those who were sexually assaulted and battered. Those whose mother stood up for them .... and those that didn't. Those who had their abuse dismissed and/or denied, versus those who had validation of their right to be free of sexual abuse by having proper sentences given to their abusers. But that's me.

Shirley lost her American Chronicle articles, along with Jan Kruska and Jan's pseudonym Amanda Rogers. Of course Sosen itself lost their account also, but that's another story. This story is about Shirley's comeback.
"I am tempted to try again under another name but need an e-mail and profile completely separate from everything else.

I can still post on Arrivenet which gets some attention over time but not the grab of the Chronicles."
If you guys see her writings show up on the Chronicle under another name, could you please let me know?

Today we have the rare opportunity to observe one of her infamous blasts at society in progress. So far we have two versions she's presenting for group input. Let's look at some of the things she's saying.

She offers some snippets from a CNN transcript of John Walsh talking about his problems with sex addiction and how it hurt people in his life including his wife, children and himself. Shirley says:
"With this information we know that Walsh admitted to a raging sex addiction in 1999. He is well aware of the intensity of this condition and how it can ruin lives. If treatment worked for him it should work for many others with the same or a similar sex disorder. He owes the public an answer."
This is actually nothing new, all the RSO activists are trying to compare a sexual addiction to a sexual offense. This only serves to show their complete desperation and ongoing habit of pointing fingers, blaming others, and refusing to admit that they and they alone are fully responsible for their own actions. A sex addiction has nothing to do with sexually assaulting, raping, or molesting others unless the two are combined.

Next inline for finger pointing and blame-shifting we have Jessica Lunsford. We previously saw how Shirley made the allegation that Jessica had consensual sex with John Couey and then committed suicide by having Couey bury her alive. She's got a new spin on the situation, let's take a look.
"Every year we have young females who are abducted, raped and murdered. Jessica Lunsford was one such case. Her convicted killer, John Couey, did not suddenly turn murderer because of some long ago, non-violent sex crime. He turned killer due to the large amounts of crack cocaine that he ingested just hour's prior to Jessica's disappearance. By pretrial motion that information was withheld so even the juror's deciding his fate were not given this information. This tends to put a damper on the concept of a fair trial by a jury of your peers"
Let's stop there for a moment. Nobody has ever accused John Couey of murdering BECAUSE of his previous sex crime. Furthermore the same laws that allowed his drug use to be withheld in trial are the very same laws that prevent a jury from knowing a child molester on trial has a history of molesting 10 other children. It works both ways. And to make matters even worse for Shirley Lowery, in her haste to look like an idiot, completely fails to address the fact that John Couey kept Jessica for a week, raping her repeatedly before burying her alive. I hardly think he was on crack cocaine that entire time, and no one else thinks that either. That level of drug use would have killed him as no human body could withstand it.
"Jessica's horrific death would not have sparked any undue attention had it not been for old charges that required registration as a sex offender. That is the stage that was set for the American people. It was a power play with sex at the forefront and drugs pushed out of the way."
That's interesting. The way I recall events, Jessica's disappearance created a LOT of attention, BEFORE it was known a registered sex offender had kidnapped, repeatedly raped and killed by live burial little Jessica. THAT is how *I* recall it.
"Because of the way this case was presented everyone from home security people on up profited from this child's death. If John Couey had not fondled and tried to steal a kiss all of those years ago there would be no such thing as Jessica's Law."
Isn't it so terribly unfortunate that these things had to happen to Jessica before we could get our legislature to recognize what we've been telling them for years? But Shirley continues. She claims that the job the jurors did
"has been cheapened by the fact that even they were given partial truth to work with in a trial that was a mere mockery of justice.

This case was presented to a nation in such a manner as to induce public hysteria. It is time for us to remember that this is America where that sort of thing will not be tolerated.

For the health and welfare of this nation we had a right to know that the search was for a junkie rather than a sex fiend. Such careless, political power play has done irreparable harm to our country"
Search for a junkie? It was a search for an unknown person of unknown qualities who was acting for unknown reasons. It wasn't until after he was identified that anyone knew he was a registered sex offender. Furthermore, WHY does Shirley Lowery believe she has a right to know everything about a case yet you don't have a right to know that your next door neighbor molested a 5 year old child. When you have a 5 year old child.

WHY? Why is Shirley Lowery so hell-bent on blaming everyone except John Couey? Why is she so hell-bent on shifting attention AWAY from sex offenders? Could it be that her son, serving 60 years in prison for molesting Shirley's granddaughter, because of pleading guilty AND taking a plea bargain which REDUCED his sentence to SIXTY YEARS has caused her to flip her lid? Or was she always this wacked out?

"A child who has been victimized suffers from low-self esteem. If there is any shred of self-respect left it is quickly ripped away by society's very vocal perception. We are damaged, emotional cripples with diminished capabilities and nobody is willing to waste time on a lost cause. Society "saves" children by jerking them out of a bad situation and ensuring that the abuser is punished to the full extent of the law. There is no individual that notices or cares that only the faces have changed in a child's ongoing nightmare.

The hunger for revenge is what keeps these incidents as front-burner items. There are high-profile individuals who will tell you that a child deserves what he or she gets if they aren't willing to give up a loved one for 25 years. This is typical thinking for someone who has not experienced the situation. Most kids are not going to buy in to a 25-year future of public misery. We bide our time until we can walk away legally. The family is intact and there is no stigma. It is called survival.

The government never does anything right yet there are great expectations that they will fix the sex offender problem. Realistically, we are further away from a solution than we have ever been. Please stop the drama and pretend that your precious child has victimized another of your equally precious children. Dare to feel the pain of being alive with your heart ripped out. Get up close and personal with all aspects of such a situation and then give the world a valid opinion on how we should proceed."
Please pay close attention to this:

We bide our time until we can walk away legally.
The family is intact and there is no stigma.
It is called survival.

Dare to feel the pain of being alive with your heart ripped out

Shirley Lowery, I am addressing you.

You lost any credibility you may have had long ago. You have serious emotional and mental problems. Seek help for it and give this up before you make it any worse than you already have. You cannot be an activist anymore, no matter how much you want to be. We won't allow it.

Graphics courtesy of Jacey
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The Ticking Time Bomb ~ Aztram Arrested!

Breaking news! Harold Spurling aka Aztram of BoyChat arrested in Connecticut along with his roommate Jeffrey Brisson aka The Night Raven.

We previously wrote about Aztram and pointed you to his wikisposure article here.

Aztram had a 'ticking time bomb' theory in which he believed that anti-pedophile persons and child advocates actually want pedophiles to rape and molest children, just so they can say "I told you so".

The truth of course is that nobody can stand the thought of a child being harmed in this way, we don't want pedophiles to molest children to prove a point. No - we want all pedophiles neutralized and society safeguarded from them.

Aztram is a cognitively distorted filthy pedophile and his sorry ass is sitting in a jail right now. I imagine he'll be there awhile considering his bond was set at 2 million dollars. May this baby raper never see the light of day again.

Two New Britain men were arrested Thursday on several counts of sexual assault involving a 3-month girl, a 14-year-old boy and police say there may be more victims.

Harold Spurling, 39, and Jeffrey Brisson, 29, who shared an apartment on Washington Street, also were charged with risk of injury, tampering with a search warrant and interfering with a search warrant.

BoyChat harbors these guys. The Jim Finn's and the Aztram's. Bill Evans, Santi and Slvrspun. Xanadu and Dylan Thomas. Oh yeah. The only remaining question is "what are we going to do with them once we catch them"

These words from Aztram's poem Little Boy
Little boy,
Pull me inside
The sweet dream that is you.
Let me hold you;
Let me breathe you in.
You justify my beating heart.
Those are not the words of a man who "just loves children and would never hurt children"

Those are the words of a pedophile. A child molester. A child predator and a long time member of BoyChat - the haven for child molesters, perverts and the very essence of evil.

See Aztram's wikisposure page for updates.

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James Freeman was honored

Who is Jim Freeman you may ask. You may wonder why everyone will be talking about him. Along with his user names. His pedo porn name of Mystikal, and his RSO sex offender defender names "Mystik" and "Mystikwarrior"

Not too long ago we asked a very important question.

"Who are these men"?

We wrote about men who preyed on children. We wrote about child molesters. we wrote about rapists and child pornographers. We wrote about men who wanted to look at images of children, toddlers and infants being sexually abused, sometimes sadistically.

We know they're out there looking for it. They come here everyday looking for some of the most bizarre things like
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And now, men like these have been busted in what has been called the "most sophisticated child pornography operation in recent memory". 12 Americans were indicted for "participating in a global child pornography ring that distributed more than 400,000 pictures and videos of children engaged in sexual activities." Children drugged and unable to do ANYTHING. Completely at the mercy of sick freaks. WHO will DARE to even attempt to defend this I ask you?

"The 12 men were charged with engaging in a child exploitation enterprise; illegally posting notices seeking to receive, exchange and distribute child porn across state lines; and obstructing of justice. Several also were charged with producing the pornography — meaning they had contact with the children who were exploited"

One conversation went like this:
“This one may offend here, so a word of caution, these girls are heavily drugged,” Roy, known as “Nimo,” wrote on July 10, 2007, according to the court documents. “Not much action to speak of, the girls are (sic) to (expletive deleted) up to move, or resist. Three girls, the first one being the youngest, around 8 or 9 yo.”

At the forefront of these men is none other than Jim Freeman. The executive director, legal director and co-founder of SoHopeful. A sex offender activist group where Tom Madison, Shirley Lowery, David Coffman and other pro-sex offenders got their start. I can't help but wonder why Cheryl Griffith wants to bury this story. Didn't she claim that children's safety was her top concern?
"I can only pray that this is some kind of misunderstanding or government "fix". No matter what it is, this could hurt all of us (groups and individuals) greatly. In my opinion, the best thing we could do is to not post anything about it in our groups about this at least about his connection to any RSO groups."

Google James Freeman's names, especially those baby raper defender names and read what he had to say. The very things all the RSO activists say. The very things all the pedo activists have to say. Read especially his commentary about the reason Christopher Barrios was raped and murdered. And while you're at it, watch out for Zman, you just never know where that little freak will pop up next. While you're reading, keep in the back of your mind that Jim's activism related to getting himself off the SOR. Watch him spin statistics to excuse his behavior.
"very few registered offenders have been clinically diagnosed as pedophiles. As a 'class', sexual offenders have the second-lowest recidivism rate of all criminal offenses"

Then look where he is today.

HT to Jacey for graphic
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The Common Thread

Once upon a time Jan Kruska wrote about what she felt the common thread was among children murdered by sexual deviants.

She believes it is because their parents are human and less than perfect.

Unlike her of course.

We've had a lot of things to say about that. I'm sure we'll have a lot more things to say in the future. But for today we're going to talk about a common thread and ask once again Who are these men?

These men that we've talked about (and occasionally women) have some very basic similarities. One of which is to claim that THEY aren't dangerous. It's not THEM. Their crimes should be exempt. Sure, they will admit that there are indeed people who do harm to children. They just deny that it's them. "Well sure, I did it", they'll say, followed quickly by "But it was just a mistake". Of course they would never, ever do it again because didn't you know that a DOJ recidivism study done over a period of 3 years PROVES that sex offenders don't have high recidivism rates?

Let's look at a few of these men closer. Here we have Johnny Ray Lee. He claimed that "statistically speaking, you as a parent are more likely to molest your own child than a registered sex offender is". Johnny said that very thing to a stranger at a buffet bar. It was part of his activism, you see. Of course, he also said "As a diagnosed pedophile who was chemically castrated, I can assure you it doesn't work. In order to stop a pedophile from re-offending you would also have to cut out his brains, cut off his tongue and cut off his hands."

That was a member of Sosen and Roar for Freedom, and also an avid supporter of SOclear and SOhopeful. He just received a 35 year prison sentence.

And what have we here? Why it's Christopher Smithson aka "Slavetoboys", the most recent pedohead to fall and the first conviction attributable to the Wikisposure project. Chris just received 6 years in prison.

You see, Christopher liked to write "fictional" accounts of having sex with children. It turns out that, well - it wasn't fictional. Chris wrote:

"if a child 4-17 wonts to have any type of sex with any type of person, it should be against the law to stop them"
How is that statement different from the Reform Sex Offender Laws petition which calls for abolishment of age of consent laws? The petition which was signed by NAMBLA members along with members of:
Some of those people include:
Among others.

Yes they all believe there should be no age of consent laws. Apparently they are ok with 4 year olds being sexually exploited. Yes, they want them to be able to make their own decisions regarding sex, you see. I'm not putting words in their mouths. Oh no. THEY are the ones who signed it.

Here we have another man we recently talked about. Jim Freeman, who was running an international pedophile ring and directly responsible for the sexual abuse of an untold number of children, 40 of which have been rescued as a result of Operation Achilles.

Jim Freeman was the c0-founder along with Tom Madison of SOhopeful. An organization presenting itself as a support network for RSO's and their loved ones, but whose primary goal was to abolish the punishments, penalties and restrictions that apply to those who sexually violate others.

How do Jim Freeman, Johnny Ray Lee and Christopher Smithson differ? They don't. They are all pedophiles. They were all 3 involved in the exploitation and sexual abuse of children.

All 3 are repeat sex offenders.

The Department of Justice reports a low recidivism rate over a period of 3 years post release from prison for new sex crimes. Longer, more thorough studies done over periods of up to 15-30 years reveal a much higher rate, with an average of 25% and some reports going as high as 60-70% for NEW sex crimes.

Even Sarah Tofte of the Human Rights Watch says that 25% of all sex offenders will reoffend within only 15 years. Sarah said she found that statistic striking. She uses that statistic to claim that RSO's aren't a danger to society.

I find that idiotic conclusion striking.

Currently in the state of Georgia, a state considered to have some of the strictest sex offender laws in the nation, out of over 15,000 RSO's there are only 39 registered sex offenders under the age of 20.

I find that statistic striking.

Four months ago in the state of Georgia there were only 70 RSO's under the age of 20.

I find that statistic striking.

The fact is that RSO activists are using teen issues to further their cause. They couldn't care less if same aged teenagers are allowed to legally have sex with each other. No, what these people want is to be able to have sex with these children themselves. Look at their histories, and look at their crimes.

I believe you too, will find it striking.

I suggest remaining vigilant. Keep your eyes and ears open to pedospeak and pedologic. Watch for media spin, watch for unethical journalists calling a CSA victim someone's "lover". Watch for those who call prostituted children "child prostitutes". And absolutely watch for those who victimize children and then refer to themselves as the "true victims" and the actual victim as a "professional victim who refuses to take responsibility for being abused"

Watch for people like Michael Gregg aka ZMan! who claims the little girl he exposed himself to should be jailed....and watch when Betty Price concurs.

Watch for someone claiming we do teenagers a disservice because in 1850 it was common to get married immediately after puberty....completely overlooking the fact that in 1850 -- slavery was legal, women could not vote, disease was rampant and the life expectancy was 39 years.. What significance does the AOC in 1850, 1620, 939 or 55 BC have to do with 2008? I sort of have a feeling that cave men didn't even HAVE an AOC of any sort, does that mean we should act like Neanderthals?

Watch for someone who claims our society is sexually repressed because the age of consent is only 9 in Yemen. Completely overlooking the fact that women in Yemen are beaten and battered into submission. Legally. Completely overlooking the fact that 96% of women in Yemen are sexually controlled by forced female genital mutilation.

Watch for someone who defends an 18 year old for having sex with a 14 year old, then when asked the question "Would you have done it if she had been 12?" the response being "Oh NO, absolutely not, there must be a 'line' somewhere" Completely overlooking the fact that there WAS a line and it was crossed.

All those things are known as spin. Those are things you need to watch out for. Spin is an unethical manipulation of factual information to make something appear to mean something that in reality it does not mean.

Spin is evil.
Spin is enabling behavior.
The Antis won't stand for it.

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